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[texts]Something For Nothing #53
Zine Review
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 333
[texts]Scam #3
Free trip to europe, instant beer pleasure, crime week, turd attacks, descendents, maps, the dalai lama, bikes on trains,
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 362
[texts]SDS/WUO: Students for a Democratic Society & the Weather Underground Organization - David Gilbert
Two important political organisations in the history of the amaerican white left. It points out their contributions while not glossing over their mistakes and weaknesses. SDS grew to become a large white radical student movement against the Vietnam war in the sixties, while the WUO, a splinter group of SDS, tried to move "from protest to resistance" by carrying out clandestine actions against U.S. imperialism from 1970-1976.
Keywords: Social Movement Theory; Radical Education
Downloads: 336
[texts]Revolutionary Logic
Ali Khalid Abdullah is a New Afrikan (Black) Anarchist prisoner, who was convicted in 1989 of "assault with Intent to Rob while Armed." He was sentenced to 10 to 20 years. This came as a result of him and other comrades attempting to enact Peoples Justice against a major drug dealer who allowed one of his drug workers to sexually abuse an 11 year old girl as "payment" for the little girls' mother's drug habit.
Keywords: Prison
Downloads: 235
[texts]SDS: Please, sir, I want some more
Students for a Democratic Society. Who are students? Food not bombs.
Keywords: Socialism; Social Movement Theory; Radical Education
Downloads: 234
[texts]Resound #3
Art, reviews, top 10 lists, interviews, rants, photos and ads
Keywords: Missouri; Music; Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 76
[texts]S.M. Lipset: Social Scientist of the Smooth Society - James Jacobs
Invariable, the first thing we are told in social science courses is that the good social scientist is objective. He does not let his own beliefs or prejudices obstruct the evidence. Rather, he allows the facts to 'speak for themselves'. At first glance S.M. Lipset's Politcal Man admirably follows this rule. Lipset's essays seem to be straightforward reports on the conclusions which his data have forced him to draw.
Keywords: Radical Education; Philosophy
Downloads: 61
[texts]Rather Be Dead Than Cool #8
Interviews with MU330, Edna's Goldfish, and Kelly's Heroes. An article telling you all about Food Not Bombs, and a keen story contributed by the lovely and talented Jesse SKAm.
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Music
Downloads: 75
[texts]Schools No Longer - Colin Ward
Ultimately the social function of education is to perpetuate society it is the socialising function. Society guarantees its future by rearing its children in its own image in traditional societies the peasant reas his sons to cultivate the soil, the man of power rears his to wield power, and the priest instructs them all in the necessity of a priesthood.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 114
[texts]Re-Sound #4
Cartoons, art, reviews, top 10 lists, interviews, recipes, rants, ads, photos and manifestos.
Keywords: Missouri; Music; Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 68
[texts]Promise #4
Formerly 'time fanzine.' Contains interviewish things with Froit, Joycamp, Waterfront, and Doghouse Records; columns on pride, media, militancy, and more; personal stuff that none of you have any reason to care about; also a nifty photo page of young people contorting their faces for those of you who like that sort of thing.
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Music
Downloads: 51
[texts]Rather Be Dead Than Cool #9
Personal zine
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 62
[texts]Recluse Zine #3
Columns, articles, organization profile, Commentary & Creative Workshops, Reviews
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 52
[texts]Rebel-A-Go-Go #3
Personal zine
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 66
[texts]Redefining Campus Power - Andy Burns
Obviously, we need to organize, to build a movement on the campuses, with the primary purpose of radically transforming the university community
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 42
[texts]Punks Before Profits #10
What's punk mean, anyway? I've been thinking a lot about what punk is and what role it plasy in life. Punk is somthing that an outsider just cannot get. They cannot understand why you would drive 9 hours to play a 15 minute set for 10 bucks and 20 kids. Or why you sell cds for 5 bucks when the rest of the world sells them for 15 or 20. And why the hell we still make records.
Keywords: Music
Downloads: 65
[texts]Rad Dad #3
Parenting stories from a rad dad.
Keywords: Parenting; Men's Studies
Downloads: 61
[texts]Off-Line #13
Police and Prison Issue
Keywords: Prison; War & Militarism
Downloads: 92
[texts]Manufacturing Dissent
Prions writings of anarchist Rob Los Ricos. The final acts of uncontrollable revolutionary fury have not yet happened. Until the world, in part or entirely, has been freed from the yoke of capitalism and all other forms of privilege and authority, more people will revolt and with increasing urgency.
Keywords: Prison; Anarchism
Downloads: 99
[texts]Raise Your Voice - Liesl Buechler
A teacher's guide to the first amendment rights in and out of the classroom
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 78
[texts]Psychedelic Diarrhea #1
Interview with Dirt; poems to feed your mind's ear; news of the weird; Scene reports.
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry; Music
Downloads: 57
[texts]Protect Yourself
Armed bands are roaming the highways and marching through your neighborhood. They ay even try to enter your home! Watch for these gang identifiers: Vehicles: Sports cars, four-door sedans, and vans, often painted black and white or blue and white, with sirens and flashing red and blue lights.
Keywords: War & Militarism; Reference
Downloads: 87
[texts]Pillar to Peon #1
Personal zine
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 65
[texts]Nose Dive
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry; Art
Downloads: 48
[texts]Prison Survival, Prisoner Support
The aim I had in publishing this pamphlet was to bring together various pieces of writing which would be of practical help to those facing prison and for those wanting to provide support for friends inside.
Keywords: Prison
Downloads: 115
[texts]Piece of Dump #1
What inspired me to do this zine the most would have to be Las Vegas. The scene here sucks. It's so unorganized that the average scenester like myself can't bear to just sit back and watch. So I did this because I think the thing that lacks most in Vegas is zines. I seriously haven't seen a decent local zine around for almost a year, and that's just ridiculous! So, for the past ten months or so I've been writing.
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry; Music
Downloads: 56
[texts]Plaid Rabbit #28
Graffiti art
Keywords: Art
Downloads: 59
[texts]Oblivion #8
Angry youth extrordinaire Oblivion speaks. The news in brief. The dangers of the school uniform movement. School, distribution and the word "fuck". Female genital mutilation. Behavior modification schools. Q & A with The Suicide Machines. Letters. The age discrimination of the legal system.
Keywords: Youth; Radical Education
Downloads: 62
The logic of Occupation
Keywords: Social Movement Theory; Philosophy
Downloads: 45
[texts]Period. That's it. 2003
Poetry. Interviews. Music. Art
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry; Music
Downloads: 45
[texts]Out Structured #3.5
Well thanks for getting yet another out structured issue. Hopefully my new issue, #4 will have interviews with soulstice and Ben from earth crisis.
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry; Art
Downloads: 49
[texts]MGRN: non lp b side
Keywords: Art
Downloads: 46
[texts]One World Freedom Journal #1
It's time to break out of the master's future by finding old passageways to freedom. Ways and means ridiculed, abandoned, paved-over and carpet-bombed will offer us hope..
Keywords: Social Movement Theory; Philosophy
Downloads: 55
[texts]Native Son #2
Analyzing youth-development in a changing world
Keywords: Radical Education; Parenting
Downloads: 134
[texts]On The Poverty of Student Life - Situationist International
Considered in its economic, political, psychological, sexual, and particularly intellectual aspects with a modest proposal for its remedy.
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 291
[texts]Monsters of the Id
ManMadeMan, Consumption Junction.com, Art, Reviews, Thoughts
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry; Art
Downloads: 82
[texts]MU 330 #2
Since the last Chump Zine, We've been pretty darn busy.
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Music
Downloads: 48
[texts]Michigan Overnight Express #2
Interviews with Reversal of Man, Born Dead Icons, Barr It, Madison
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Music
Downloads: 78
[texts]Livin in Doom Town
History Albania Gentrification. Other resistance from Portland, Oregon
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing
Downloads: 64
[texts]Show Me The Money #25
My reply to the Oregon Department of Corrections; what is 'fascism'? How money is created; the war on workers; excerpts from 'No Treason"
Keywords: Prison; Labor/Class
Downloads: 62
[texts]Mercurial Zine #1
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry
Downloads: 48
[texts]Mercurial Zine #2
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry
Downloads: 44
[texts]"Maybe"...You'll Understand This Time - Clarence A. Taylor
The Anti-Recidivist Booklet 21st Century
Keywords: Prison
Downloads: 27
[texts]'Live from Death Row'
Armed with two cell phones, fueled by rage and caffeine, Aaron Patterson strives to make a difference.
Keywords: Prison
Downloads: 229
[texts]In Defence of Justice: The Case of Camilo Viveros Jr.
Info packet On the week of August 1, 2000, during the Republican convention, thousands of people from all over the country took to the streets of Philadelphia in protest around issues of justice and democracy. Over 400 protesters were arrested in what has been called the largest single violation of civil rights since the Vietnam War.
Keywords: Prison; Political Science
Downloads: 62
[texts]Interview with Ojore Lutalo
New Afrikan Prisoner of War. Plus Essays and Analysis
Keywords: New Afrikan/Black; Prison
Downloads: 70
[texts]Learning By Living
Many students, especially those who are poor, intuitively know what schools do for them. They school them to confuse the process and substance. Once these become blurred, a new logic is assumed, the more treatment there is, the better are the results, or escalation leads to success. The pupil is thereby "schooled" to confuse teaching with learning, grade advancement with education, a diploma with competence, and fluency with the ability to say something new...
Keywords: Radical Education
Downloads: 77
[texts]Keep The Change #3
A wise man once said to me, "zines are bullshit. Kids who do zines only do it to get free stuff. They put garbage in it and only go up to issue 2". That very same man got hit by a truck the other day. Oh well. The point he was trying to make though was that most zines are bullshit. And they are to a point I guess. But in another way, every zine is a work of art. Priceless to some, but shit to others...
Keywords: Language Arts & Writing; Poetry; Music
Downloads: 65
[texts]Khalfani X Khaldun - Khalfani X Khaldun
The hypocrisy of amerikan fascism forces it to conceal itself it's attacks on political offenders by the legal fiction of conspiracy laws and highly sophisticated frame-ups, the masses must be taught to overstand the true function of prisons, why do they exist in such numbers? what is the real underlying economic motive of crime and the "official definition" of types of offenders and victims?
Keywords: Prison
Downloads: 56
[texts]Kries from Within, Voices of Resistance #1
Konvicts speak out.
Keywords: Prison
Downloads: 59
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